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Another smoke free weekend

Another weekend passed without smoking. life's not easy at the moment my son and his partner have split up but are bitterly battling access times for my son to see his baby boy and I am being drawn in by both parties so my stress levels are through the roof. How I've managed not to smoke at times I don't know but I have I cannot let stress break my quit. I know very well that smoking won't alter the situation but oh boy does my mind keep telling me otherwise. Why do smokers actually believe that cigarettes are the answer to everything. We think we can't enjoy food or drink without one, we think we can't relax without one, we know they are poson but we are brainwashed to believe this stuff. It's total rubbish life is better without them. We just have to reprogramme our brains. I will not smoke NOPE

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Hey, I know I replied to this earlier...where's it gone?! Spanisheyes, now whatever pearls of wisdom I had to offer are lost!

I'm really sorry your family is in strife, but you're doing so well to keep saying NOPE. It's so hard, watching your family hurting...but, on the plus side, this is a massive challenge to your quit and you're beating it, so that just shows how strong you are and makes your quit more secure...(Sorry, I'm totally Miss Silver-lining!) Best wishes and I hope they sort something out soon xx


Absolutely Incy, couldn't agree more.

I see such challenging times as tests. I try to keep in mind the friend who's mother died, was diagnosed with a serious but treatable condition and whose marriage broke up, who resolved to not smoke; that was a good few years ago and she's kept to her word.


It is hard quitting, especially when stress rears it's awful head. Keep going my lovely, and hopefully your family will sort out their problems xxx



I am sorry to hear about your family stresses. This is hard and weekends can be hard generally. You are doing great and supporting the rest of us. Pleased that you are doing so well x


sorry to hear about the stressful times - I know more than most that after years of the wrong training to believe smoking is the answer to everything, it will take time to retrain, one day at a time huh?


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