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Day 21


Here I am 3 weeks into my quit and getting ready to move up to a new room. Can't quite believe it's already 3 weeks. I've had ups and downs and some days are worse than others but I am fighting the urges, can't say I crave just every now and then my mind tells me I need to smoke. Why those thoughts come I don't know because I hate the smell now but I guess old habits die hard. I won't give in because I never want to go through the process of quitting again. When I had a really bad day the other day I made two lists, one was the benefits for giving in and smoking the other the benefits of not smoking. The first list was very short in fact I could not in all honesty find any benefits for smoking the other list was very long the benefits of being a non smoker are immense. It really helped to get me back on track. It's all a physiological battle but one worth winning.

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Great going, spanisheyes; congratulations and your achievement. I might visit a positive list over the weekend as it's easy to lose track of why we're doing this, and why we're not still doing the other! See you in Month 1. Sounds grand. I guess I'll be staying there until the 6th of April.

Congratulations on your 3 wk quit

Amazing, going into your first month, doing very well indeed, of course old habits take a while to pass, but they do, and it does get easier.

Doing great well done you

Well done x hope you are going to treat yourself to something fabulous x

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

spanisheyes that's great :) I'm such a big fan of making lists like that, it really brings home how pointless and silly smoking is doesn't it? Thank goodness we're escaping! Well done xx

Wow that three weeks has gone quickly Spanish! I too love a list and oddly enough I haven't done a pros and cons of smoking, I must try that to have something to refer to when I get a crave x

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