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Does anybody on this site know which is the most successful quit method, the reason I ask is because a friend of mine is thinking of quitting and wants to start with the most successful method first.

Is there a league table of some sort, I have told him how I quit be he says he dosen't have the same willpower as me so is looking at acupuncture and hypnotherapy as an easy solution but doesn't want to spend the money on a total waste of time.

Thank you


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  • I am quitting by reading Allan Carr and I am finding it easier than I thought I ever could. I am a very long term heavy smoker and tbh I really didn't think I would be able to quit but I have and although it's very early days I know I'll never smoke again.

  • No disrespect meant to your mate, but does he really want to quit? It seems like he's making obstacles before he starts which will not help him at all. Just my opinion, but I believe you really have to want to quit or you're doomed to fail otherwise.

  • Malvin P You are probably right, he is looking for a quick fix with no pain.

    Spanisheyes I have given him my copy of Allen Carrs book and I just hope he reads it


  • don't we all wish there was a quick fix with no pain :(

  • If he reads the book, that's a great start. I never read it, but know people who swear by it - so wish him good luck from me :)

  • I know of one person who has given up permanently through hypnosis. She went to this person based in London: susanhepburn.com Quite expensive I believe but dropped in price with more than one person booking appts together (like buy one, get one free). Susan Hepburn also does a book with a hypnosis CD, which might be a good start for your mate if he doesn't want to invest too much and costs around £10; he can get via Amazon or her website.

    The friend who stopped with the one session still isn't smoking after about 6 years; soon after stopping she was diagnosed with a now treated thyroid problem masked by smoking side effects, her mother died prematurely and then her marriage broke down (and not because she had stopped smoking!). Not one cigarette. She seems to have had resolve though, but it has never struck me as being particularly hard for her not to smoke since she stopped, and she always says that she's just not interested in doing it any more.

  • Thank you Karri and Walkabout I will pass on your comments and the link to Susan Hepburn and then it is down to him.

    If I push him he will just rebel and tell me that I sound like a typical ex smoker.


  • All the best to him. He should come on here. He wouldn't have to stop immediately and take it at his own pace.

  • Hi billy you could create a poll on here it's easy people over 6 months quit could

    Vote on the method they used thereby

    Giving you

    The info U need :)

  • Thank you for all the replies but I have given up with him, I don't think he is willing to put the effort in to even try, we all know how hard it can be but if your head is not in the right place it will never happen.

    If I keep on at him I will just lose a good friend.


  • well said Billy you can only offer your advise when asked for hopefully he will find his quit have you tried suggesting he join the forum? as there are some really good posts in the tip section that may click with him and set him on the road to freedom

  • Hello Carol, yes I have mentioned this site to him but don't know if he's had a look at it or not.


  • I'd advise you tell him you've found the best method. It doesn't matter what method you tell him, just tell him it's the one everyone recommends. Anything to get him started. Then tell him by day 3 he'll be fine. We on here all know he won;t, but as a smoker wanting to quit, he can't cope with the prospect of anything more than that. Then, when it gets to day 3, he'll at least have 3 days smoke free, then support him through the next - and so on. I truly believe that's why my closest friends (all of whom have quit) told me that I'd be fine after day 3. I certainly couldn't have coped if I hadn't got that glimer of hope. And, by day 3, I felt crap, but by then had at least started a proper quit. Just a though - might help . . . .

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