Day 10

Had a great Mother's Day spoilt rotten by my son, who also quit with me. We celebrated big time yesterday. I am beginning to feel the benefits now, skin looks better and am breathing easier. More energy too so it's encouraging. No desire to smoke just minor craves now and then but soon brushed away. Feeling confident but not complacent because I know how strong that nicoodemon is but I am determined to be stronger than him so he can p..... Right off lol

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  • Lol!!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday and you deserve to be spoilt! You're doing amazingly and I'm chuffed to bits for ya! And love the attitude too :-) that little bugger will soon get the hint!! Xx

  • Yes, a great attitude. I shall take a leaf, as today is turning out to be a struggle.

  • You sound great Spanish, that's brilliant you have your sons support as well. You are stronger then that stupid nicotine xx

  • Wow sounds like you are really benefitting from quitting Spanish, good stuff, if I recall you live in Spain? I might have that wrong but if so Im sure the sun is helping immensely :)

  • isn't it amazing how quickly our lungs start to heal, think that was what astonished me. x

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