4 days, 21 hours!!

So far so good!!! Sorry for not posting for few days, not had a min to myself! How did I find time to smoke so much?? Had couple mild cravings last couple days but nothing to worry about, although I've ordered Allen Carr again...need to retrain my brain! Still keep thinking of smoking like it would be a treat or I would really enjoy one right now so need to get past that! Got a face full of spots too!! Whats that all about? Is it quitting or stress earlier in the wk? My face is very tender too, sore to the touch but I havent changed anything! Oh the joys :-) does anyone have any advice about how long I before I should cut down on the patches btw? Have read the instructions but don't know if thats realistic or not!

Anyway, better get me bum moving! Another busy day, thanks to money have already saved I've got guys coming out to look at refreshing my kitchen and replacing a window!! Yay! Stuff have wanted doing for couple of years but didnt have the ££ till now :-) hope everyone has a fab and smokefree wkend!! Xx

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  • :) Love this post Alleycat! Sounds like you're really rising to the challenge, and embracing life as a new ex-smoker :)

    I know how you feel about retraining out of the smoking for 'treats' thing...I've been randomly telling myself how much of a treat it is to NOT be smoking right now, just at odd moments.

    And how lovely to be able to sort out your kitchen already! Go you!

  • Great work alleycat. Your post above brings to mind your earlier ones, before you quit, and now you're nearly five days down. I have the same idea still, that it would be nice to have a smoke; but I am immediately recognising that no, it. would. not. be. I'm doing this about 50 times a day at the moment though, early morning and then from mid afternoon. Evenings much less.

    Great job!:cool:

  • Thanks incy! Am actually surprised how well its going myself, although I'm sure the patches are to thank for that!

    Lol!! See thats how I would like my mind to work :-) but so far I'm still bit brainwashed and despite wanting to stop and being happy with my progress I still cant help missing them :-( I'll get there! Yeah, am chuffed about kitchen! Its thanks to cutting down since January, unbelievable how much money I've saved already!!! And scary to think how much I've wasted over the years!!! Do you have any plans for the money you're saving? Xx

  • Oh, I kinda still miss them too - just sometimes though, it's not as all-consuming as I thought it would be :)

    I'm getting new winter boots first, (hopefully in summer when they're cheaper!) then I'll plan something proper...maybe a shiny new bike. Or a pony... ;)

  • Great work alleycat, it is very hard the first few days, but you just have to keep saying NO and before you blink your eyes all of this will be behind you.

    Noticed what you said about "tender" face, I was looking for info about that on the first days of my quit, because my gums & my face were very tender, as I couldn't find anything about it, I just thought it was a minor infection...but maybe, it actualy has something to do with the nicotine...

    Keep it up & we are all with you on this journey :)

  • Thanks hun!!

    Know what you mean about sore gums, I got an abcess when I started cutting down! Never had one before and still not sure if its related but seemed like a big coincidence cos despite smoking I've always had healthy teeth and gums! Dont know what to think about face though, its still very tender now! Used an aloe face mask last night and light moisturiser but maybe I'll just have to put up with it and let it run its course!? Urgh xx

  • Well done Alleycat, just go with the patches until you feel your ready don't rush it. I stopped them after 5 days, but after a nightmare 2 days went back on them for a day then decided that I was being stupid, had to get Nicotine free, and took them off, yeah it's been bloody hard but I'm nicotine free and nearly 1 month quit x

  • You're doing great jess!!! Wish I had your determination! The rough plan I've had in mind has been to break the mental habit first (thinking I want/need/deserve a smoke) before weaning myself off the NRT and I still think thats probably my best shot at stopping cos I was so dependant on them but really am fed up with patches now, was using them to cut down too so I've been wearing them since 6th January and they dont agree with my skin at all!! Everywhere I've worn them my skin has gone dry and itchy, so I'm patchy all over (spotty too now...attractive or what!! :-D) and if I moisturise it makes it worse the next time I put a patch on that area...Argh!! Cant win :-) oh well its still better than smoking and I've ordered the Allen Carr book so fingers crossed that'll help the brainwashing so then I can get rid of patches too! Xx

  • With regard to the patches on the pack it's a guideline, a very good friend of mine who is a former member of this forum, used the patches for around 6 months This was advised by the smoking cessation nurse, he used step one for about 3 months, step 2 for 2 months and so on, he is now 2 years quit so if you feel you need them for longer, don't hesitate, it's sooo much better than smoking xx

  • Thanks Donna!! Its nice to know that I can keep going with them if I really feel I need to! Other NRT gives me awful heartburn and makes me feel queasy! Although even the patches dont suit my skin its definitely preferable to smoking!!! And I know once I come off them my skin will heal faster than my lungs from the stinky sticks :-) xx

  • Don't know about patches I tried them but my skin is allergic to them. I am reading Allan Carr book, and I definitely think it helps. I'm at day 9 today, and doing fine but do feel like something's missing. I'm sure that feeling will go soon because we really aren't missing anything but being in the nicotine trap which we no longer want.

  • It will pass! It will it will :)

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