No Smoking Day
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17hrs down!!!

So far so good!!! Couple moments where I had to remind myself I've stopped, couple dozen moments where have thought "gimme a smoke to calm me down!!!" but so far its not been hard to ignore them! Bit weird thinking I'm going to sleep through my first milestone but am feeling proud cos its the longest I've ever gone since I shaming is that!?!

Hope everyone has a happy and smoke free day!! And pleased to see few more new members! If any of you read this...keep posting!!! The support is amazing! Everybody has been exactly where you are and we know how hard it is! Stay strong xx

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That's great news alleycat, well done.

One thing that helped me through the first few days was reminding myself that it wasn't ME who wanted a cigarette when I got a craving. It was that nasty little addiction-monster who I was working to evict. I even pictured him - I made him really ugly and imagined him living in my me odd, but man oh man I was determined to kill him!

Wishing you a good day's sleep!


Lol!!! I like that but might try that one this afternoon...after have been to sleep! :-) just heading for bed now! Cravings are there but too tired to care! My fight will be when I wake up! Stocked up on oj yesterday so gonna try avoid the coffee amd smoke combo! Enjoy your day incy! Xx


Sweet dreams :)


A great start O'Malley! :)

You're not giving anything up really, you're just choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle :)

Remember to take things minute by minute and hour by hour to start with and don't forget that if you're struggling there's a whole gang of us here waiting to help :)

Don't underestimate how brilliantly you have done getting through your first day, it really is a magnificent achievement!

You're part of an amazing group of new quitters and I think you're all going to do really well and help each other through the hard times, all the way to the Penthouse :)

Sleep tight and come back refreshed ready for Day 2 - how amazing is that! :)

Reply have done amazingly well...just keep batting those cravings away, keep your eye on the main goal and have lots of treats getting there (chocolate for breakfast anyone) well room for you x


Well done alleycat. Join the club. I'm feeling too close to what you're going through at the moment to offer suggestions. I've actually cut down on coffee though as I want it less now I'm not having a cigarette with it. Great job. :cool:


Well done you! You must be up to 20 + hours now! doesn't time fly when you are having fun! X


You're doing great x


Woo hoo what an achievement the longest you have ever gone without a cig since you started smoking? That's flipping amazing, well done and keep going flower xx


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