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Into Day 4

Just arrived in quit Day 4. Still amazed. Still tenuous. It's funny though how quickly I have forgotten how bad my cough was. I quite like the time I chose to have my last cigarette - 6pm - as I feel I can easily get through until bedtime, then sleep for a good few hours, then I'm two thirds through my quit day when I wake up. That's the challenging stretch. I did it today so I'll do it tomorrow. I'm sure in large part it is coming on here and the encouragement that's really helping.

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Keep posting walkabout, I can't recommend this forum highly enough, it's the best quit aid you'll get. Nice positivity too!


You're doing great walkabout, keep taking it hour by hour and before you know it you'll have completed a whole week :)

I told you that the most successful quitters on here tend to be the ones that live on the forum for the first year or so and look at you go now :)

Top quality stuff!


Thanks very much folks. Here's to another day :D


Well, 4 hours to Day 5, which I'll make. Work keeping me busy. That will see me through to this evening, which I can also do. Getting up in the morning is turning out to be interesting as I don't want to get up and face the no smoking day. So I have set my alarm a half hour earlier, and gather myself in a half-sleep to prepare myself. Seems to work, but am still missing the cigarettes throughout the day. If I examine that 'missing' I'm not entirely sure what I'm missing, as I can real off 'inhaling' - No, 'holding the cig' - No, 'the taste' - No....and so on. So I don't know what it is, but it appears not to be smoking itself. I'm thinking it might be that I'm missing an old faithful habit. I think that's it.

I can break a habit :D:D


You ARE breaking the habit walkabout :)

Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day you are breaking your old habit and forming a new one, the not smoking habit :)

You've got no pressure on No Smoking Day now because you'll be into Day 5 when it comes around :)

Keep doing what you are doing, it's working! :)


Thanks Capitan. Pleased I didn't go for no smoking day; I'm a little rebellious on that score. Yes it is working.


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