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Good weekend

I'm posting in the right room this time Capitan :p;), almost through my 3rd weekend not smoking. Kept myself busy worked yesterday, then today woke up up it was grey, raining and cold, so next thing I know, we had bought a brand new car:eek::eek:, so now along with saving for Florida, I now have the added incentive of keeping quit, so I will never smoke again, ever, I love having all this extra money.

Onwards onto another day tomorrow, hope everyone is having a good weekend and managing their quits x

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WOW! Has it been 3 weeks?! A Huge Massive Well DONE!!!! Yes I am shoutting WELLLL DOOONE :) You deserve it :p


Thank you, yeah 3 weeks tomorrow night at 11pm, still get the urge, my brain still tells me I would like one, but no way am I going through the ladt 3 weeks again, my posts from 2 weekends, ago I was actually ready to kill lol x


I'll share a little secret with you, after the 3rd week it's so easy that doesn't even feel real...promise you.

You will still have one day or another that can be killers, but it will be a day here & there, not every day like before.

Hang in there! xxx


Congratulations on your 3 weeks. Inspiring. Well done to you:cool:


Top drawer stuff Jess, just remember that you're about to move yet again to the 1 month room :)

The council are having trouble catching up with you for your council tax because you keep moving so quickly :p

3 weeks down already, from my viewpoint it's gone really quickly, but from yours maybe not.

You're doing great, why change a winning formula? :)


Well done!!! Keep going. The extra money is fantastic isn't it??? Xx


Doh! Read Captain's post and thought you had tax troubles, ha ha!

Mega congratulations x


Wow that's some weekend you've had, a brand new car very nice good for you :) x


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