day 66

Well saw the dr this morning and have been told that I must rest my foot... karri you were right!

Also saw the dentist and got my teeth cleaned, thought it would be nice as I am now a non smoker.

This is definitely a confidence booster, and helps me continue. House is still a mess, back to wirk for a few hours tomorrow then a long drive to pick up a french Louis dressing table for the oh... how posh!

If we get ttime tomorrow we will also paint.

Hope everybody's quit is going well, catch you soon!

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  • ouch hope your foot is soon recovered and getting your teeth cleaned is great makes all the difference thats for sure :D

    mind you for me as i rolled my own was not having to scrub my fingers to get rid of the stains :eek: OMG when i think back how i used to hide my hands or put plasters on if wasnt at home as a pumice stone was the only thing that worked well that didnt stink as bleach is pretty good for stains :eek::confused::eek: scary times or what

    hope you have a good weekend and remember to rest your foot

  • Well done SL, Day 66! :)

    It reminds me of Route 66, but you can't get your kicks because you have to rest your foot :p I suppose the Hokey Cokey is out of the question as well :p

    Almost 10 weeks now, a fabulous achievement, it's looking good, real good :)

  • Thanks everyone. I'm resting my foot as much as possible, but is hard with the house move, and painting today.

    captain I would love to do route 66, one of so many things on my travel list. And I didn't even think of 10 weeks, I suppose the months goals are more in my head now.

    Carol I used to buy a pack of mints a day, its funny the lengths to which we try to hide things, I suppose the warning signs were always there.

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