No Smoking Day
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Day 4...WOOP!! :)

Sorry for posting so late!!...But here I am at day 4!

I don't want to come across as smug or overly cocky but I really can't believe how easy this is this time around!! The positive mentality is definitely working! :)

Still not sleeping but even with that so much more energy when I get up in the morning and my mood is really improving with the girls!

It's quite random how the times I do/did have a craving are at times when I wouldn't have smoked anyway ie for me 1st thing in the morning or in the middle of the night!! Mr Nic is really stopping at nothing to try and reel me back if!! Why would I want to stand outside in the middle of the night in the cold rain rather than be in my nice warm bed and why would I want to leave for the school run stinking of ciggies rather than clean from the shower and newly applied perfume!! Mr Nic can quite frankly DO ONE!! :)

My only problem is at the moment that my throat/glands/ears are sore and inflamed, could be something completely unrelated (I'm thinking tonsillitis) but is it possible it's my body still ridding it's self of the toxins??

Will no doubt be back on later!! :)

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This posting late malarkey has got to stop! :p

You do know that we worry about you all if you don't post don't you - and that's serious.

It's so great to see that you're having a good time with this quit, it seems that all of you new quitters are doing so well at the moment.

Please don't get disheartened though if you get a crave when you didn't expect to. You will get them from time to time but remember that they won't last and you'll go back to how you're feeling now.

Keep up the positivity, mindset plays a big part in a successful quit :)


So very pleased for you, all is going well fantastic.

The throat ect I alway feel is our first line of defence, battling off the more nasty stuff, may be it's just your body's way of say , woooo wait Amin, no smoking, all will settle soon.

Doing fantastic, I would like to add, please please post if an issues arise.

Just brilliant.


Doing really well, you sound super positive! X


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