2 weeks to 3 years

Hi all,

I'm not from the UK but stumbled upon this forum when I was starting my quit 8th March 2012. Didn't post much but lurked and read almost all the postings here everyday to motivate myself. This community has really helped a lot.

I've got no cravings whatsoever even with coffee or alcohol in my hand, I've never felt better. Thanks a lot people :) I shall come back in 2 weeks.

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  • that's what I aspire to

  • Thanks Karri, Brian P.

    I was in fact in the UK celebrating my 3rd year of non-smoking. It is now 3 months past 3 years. I'm going stronger each day and will be forever grateful to this forum and the people here :)

  • Congratulations on your quit Ken. It's good to hear of success stories like yours. All the best.

  • Popping m head in to say, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS.


  • Kornyken, it's lovely to hear your story - I love the thought that our ramblings are helping the lurkers to make it through! Good for you, and congratulations on your quit! xx

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