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No Smoking Day
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I got here!!


Made it to day 2 :)!!

Had a few horrible cravings this morning (the kind that nothing seems like it will be. As good again) but touch wood using my coping mechanisms and rationalising tools seemed to be able to keep it under control!!

What I am struggling with is sleep!..is it normal not to get any at the point ha?! Literally tossed and turned all night and what's worse felt really anxious as well. Hoping this is all part and parcel with the angry little monster that wants fed as with 3 girls all under the aged of 8 and a hubby deployed I need my sleep!!

One of my major hurdles before has been social situations!! A lot of my friends smoke and in the past have always caved once having a glass of wine with them!! I feel like avoiding the whole situation is the wrong thing to do, more so I need to throw myself in the deepened and then nothing will ever be quite as bad again but really would like some advice on how people manage this!!

Thanks for your continued support, it's really making a difference!! :) Vx

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Well done on arriving at day two! I didn't suffer with sleeping problems because I can sleep anywhere, but I lot of folk post that they have trouble sleeping. Hopefully someone will pop on here and give you some tips x

I coped ok with other people smoking around me but I wouldn't attempt it on day 2, think that is a big ask. Think you need to be kind to yourself, and remember a lot of social places where you are around smokers, smokers have to remove themselves to smoke.


Great stuff Vicky :)

You should team up with Alibonger who is also starting Day 2 today, you could be quit buddies and help each other along :)

Disruptive sleep is a side effect some people have when quitting. Smoking enables your body to get rid of caffeine quickly, so if you stop smoking, but maintain your normal caffeine intake, you can get a build up of it which keeps you awake. Try reducing, or eliminating, your caffeine intake for a while by replacing tea and coffee with water and juice, or decaffinated tea and coffee.

You could also try Kalms or something equivalent.

Many, many quits have been destroyed on here because of alcohol. It is a major quit killer.

You could either not go out socialising for a month or so, or go out and either not drink alcohol at all, or limit yourself to just a couple. In other words, not enough to make you lose control of your senses or even tipsy. How bad do you want to quit? If it's bad enough you'll do what you have to, to protect your quit.

Remember, take it slowly to start with, one hour at a time, and make sure you stick close to the forum and post regularly with your anxieties and success stories :)


May I say a very well done great start but yes not being able to sleep is quite common, in new quitters, but it will pass, addiction and habit do indeed take a while to break, but can be done. Mr NICO is just trying to make you cave, the longer the quit the weaker the crave my lovely, then one day you just won't think of smoking.

Keep close to the forum, any other issues please just post.

Great start just keep going


Aww thanks guys, you have all been amazing already!! :)

Glad to hear the sleeping (or lack of it) is normal, need to pop out later anyway so might head to boots and see if any herbal sleeping remedies that can help!! :)

We are in a married patch as my hubby is in the armed forces and away at the moment so the girls who I smoke with are also my support network, as am I theirs! Just hope I can find a way to carry on socialising and seeing each other without letting routine/habit raise its ugly head!!

I have started drinking green tea in a way to help rid all the nasties out but think I will maybe have to check the caffeine level in it as on 3 cups + a day do not sure that's really helping with the whole no sleep thing haha!!


Hi Starlet :) You can do this. I've had some rubbish thrown at me since I quit - in all manner of ways, but one thing that has stuck strong is my resolve to kick this. If you want it, it's yours for the taking. Good luck, and there's plenty of people who have quit to ease you through it. (Apologies for the lack of spacing/paragraphs, but this forum still doesn't work properly for me)


Hi fellow day two lady!! I dont drink alcohol but have a major caffeine addiction. I slept really well last night but am aware from last time I tried it might be tonight I struggle, have mad dreams as well! My brother smokes and it helped last time as he reeked when he came back in, made me realise how I must have smelled! Well done and here is to a successful day two for us both x


Ahhh, a quit team has been formed :)

Vicky and Ali - Vickali (sounds a bit like victory if you say it in a Sergei meerkat type of accent :))


.......got a secret.......ssshhh.........don't tell anyone.........I'm drinking coffee from a very large mug.............


This big?...


We've just bought our niece one of these as a daft present :)


Even a caffeine addict like me with the machine permanently on would struggle with that ...but I want one...:D


We got ours from here...


Paid standard delivery and got it the next day anyway :)


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