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Still here

Still here, thank you for all your support, yesterday, didn't sleep well last night prob more to do with OH snoring than anything else. But woo hoo I have almost made it through a weekend and through 1 whole week. Friday and yesterday went CT, and started off without a patch today, but lasted till about 4pm feeling psychotic so put patch on and have calmed down so thinking I may have to go the patch route for a few more weeks

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I know it's not been easy Jess, but don't you feel fantastic for getting this far? I know I did :)

You are doing exactly the right things. You are riding it out where you can, but recognising when you are really struggling and using the help available - in your case patches. I've said it several times recently, but when you get to the Penthouse you won't care how you did it, just that you did :cool:

You really are doing so well and are approaching your quit in the best possible way - using whatever it takes to get you through.

If you keep this approach up, and stick to NOPE no matter what, I think you are going to win your freedom! :)


Thank you Capitan, actually feeling quite proud I haven't caved, it would be so easy, like I said on my 1st post, we are going to Florida in Sep so saving like mad I can and will do this


You should be proud, it's no mean achievement is this quitting lark :cool:

It would be easy to smoke, but it would be so much more difficult to go through these early seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks again.

I know you don't want to go through this again, so think about that if you waver. Do it right, do it once and never have to do it again.

Think how much spending money you will have saved up by the time Florida comes around :)

Once again, well done, keep posting and keep quitting :cool:


Well done jess for getting this far, I am sure you are proud of what you have achieved, you should be. Tell me, how have you been feeling now compared to your first 3 days?


Yay! Massive congratulations, that first week is so hard. Onwards and upwards x


And a huge congratulations from me, it's so wonderful when we realise we have done a whole week smoke free, fantastic, No rush on the patch, we are here for the long haul,.

Just keep going , doing a grand job,.


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