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Usually the worst for me

Yesterday was a typical day 1 for me, a little snappy with people and light headed occasionally but got through it. Day 2 and 3 are the worst for me, especially right now when I get up and am on the computer. I usually go for the cup of tea or coffee and around 3 cigarettes in the first hour while sat at the pc. I'm sat here typing with a glass of water and that's it. I know today is going to be tough, it's not so much the cravings that are bad (although they can be) it's trying to break the habit cycle rather than the addiction. In the past I've found myself going out at all hours to buy some after stopping for a few days and just thought "It's what I do". It sounds madness as I type that but not sure how else to describe it. Anyway today and tomorrow will be the worst for me but staying positive especially after last night when I had the best sleep I had had in years maybe it's down to a different mind set this time. Wish me luck! and all the best to everyone else trying to quit.

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I wish you luck, or to put it better... I know you will have luck as luck is just down to great preperation and opportunity and it looks like you have these!!


Its sounds like you know the score, so now to deal with it.

Loads of stuff on here helps to read.

I believe in NOPE . But if that not working and if I really felt I wanted a smoke, I can but but not today, only tomorrow. In the knowledge that by tomorrow I will have realised what a daft idea that is.

Best wishes early days can be tough, but worth it


stay strong and come on here and post as buttercup said try changing your routine around abit also get a straw to chew on and fiddle with if it helps

distraction is the key everytime you start thinking of what you used to do then as Andrew said tell yourself you will have one in an hour or later and keep repeating that till your smoking brain adjusts and it will i pormise you you could also try sucking on ice cubes or freeze some grapes take up anew hobby or renew an old one have a read through the tip section of the forum too there are alot of good threads in there and reading through will also help to distract your mind

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Think we've all done the 2am drive to the garage to buy fags, horrible isn't it. Just one hour at a time, think, 'I can get through this hour'. Every hour you get through you won't have to repeat. I promise it gets much easier or I would be smoking. As Buttercup said..........'breath', lovely deep breaths into those healing lungs:)


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