No Smoking Day
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day 80

I have spoken to my stop smoking advisor.

She said that it sounds like im struggling with quitting lozenges.

my original plan was to have step 3 patches whilst cutting down on lozenges. Then step 2 and not having any lozenges.

Then tomorrow i am meant to be back on step 3 patches for a few days then cold turkey

Im not ready to go back on step 3 yet. Im far too moody and wishing i can have my lozenges. So Im going to stay on step 2 patches until my urge to kill has died down a bit.


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Remember what we said about a plan? You need to be able to adapt it to suit your needs :cool:

On Day 365, when you saunter through the Penthouse doors with a smile on your face and a glass of champers in your hand, you won't care how you made it, just that you diid :)

Whatever it takes is fine, as long as you stick to NOPE :)


yep thanks guys, I was in a raging mood yesterday and thought about getting some cigarettes but I said no dont be silly. They will taste grim and do nothing for me apart from make me feel worse about myself!

I got this :-)


I've no doubt you've got it :)

80 days is mighty and you'll soon have done a quarter of a year. :cool:

One step at a time and the keys to the Penthouse will be yours :)


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