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Smokers are only 95% happy without a smoke, Nicotine gives you back the 5% it took!

I Posted this yesterday in the Prep section, but thought it might be useful here too.

Smokers are only 95% happy without a smoke, Nicotine gives you back the 5% it took! Yesterday, 04:09 PM

After two failed quits, I realised the other week when thinking about it all, getting older, £9.18 a packet every day, stopping every night to get another packet so I didn't run out. The staff in the local petrol station had two packets ready each time I walked in....etc 20 a day silk cut silvers.

Why is it Non smokers don't need cigarettes to be Happy 24 hours a day? Because they are already 100% happy! (Using the term 100% Happy to demonstrate not being an addict)

Why do I smoke? "To make me 100% happy and contented" Why am I not 100% happy and contented, without a smoke? Because it was the Smoke who took the 5% of my happiness away.

I have just got to day 20 of my 3rd quit cold turkey, with no cravings, no anger, no irritation, no climbing the wall.....just feeling always of being hungry. Sleep a bit all over the place, but this is back to normalish over the last few nights.

Why have I not had all the cravings etc this time and so on? I think it is because I have finaly finally realised that I now know that I have to give it time to get my 5% back on my own and have accepted that this is what it is and the only real manifestation is this feeling of being hungry or something missing, which is sometimes quite frustrating, but getting less and less as the days go by.

Certainly, the feeling hungry is not enough when you really think about it to make you want a smoke, even though this is causing it.

Every day is getting a little bit more of my 5% back, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, etc and yes it is slow.

I have to wait to this out....and also using my experience from the past, never have a puff at a party, never never have a smoke again. I read somewhere about the the addiction being a dragon, in an ex-smoker, has been put into a deep sleep due to the lack of nitocine, but just one puff wakes him up again. I would 100% agree.

Just a though that has worked very well for me so far!

Day 21: Still feeling that little bit hungry....:)

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You are quite right. For me, acceptance that we are drug addicts, and gaining an insight into how the addiction process works, really is half the battle in beating it. The better you know your enemy, the more you gain the upper hand.


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