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hello new room :D

Day 62

I should have posted in here yesterday :-P

Feels soo good to move into the next chapter of my quit. I have been disorganised again and I havent been keeping count of my lozenge intake. I will try to mark them again from tomorrow.

I have the plan set in place to get off the mints, which involves step 3 patches. My stop smoking NHS nurse has given me a plan. I just have to chose the date I will do it.

Its like choosing a quit date again lulz :)

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fanks kat and karen :D


Sparkle, I do indeed know you will do it!!!! you show such determination! doing so very well indeed this is great news just keep going



A huge well done from me, Sparkle, and may your stay in the new room fly by. Make the most of the complimentary toiletries- I seem to recall there's a particularly good stock of them. ;)

You're doing SO well and as for the lozenges, I'm sure you'll kick them into touch when the time is right especially with your lovely nurse to help you. What a very glittery thing you are! Those wings of yours are the most amazing colour...:)


woo hooooo party time, i like it!

and thanks skiddaw, you made me smiles :D

I shall sprinkle stop smoking glitter everywhere. Party confetti woooooooo! :D


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