No Smoking Day
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Lots of interesting comments this story in the Daily Fail,

I like this one:

"Smoking psychology is very complex. Everyone knows it is dangerous yet people smoke. Firstly humans have evolved to take risks and to negotiate risks via cause and effect. If the effect is not immediate to the risk taking (especially if the effect is decades away) the brain cannot process the risk. instead people quit for social self-consciousness reasons, financial reasons or aging increasing the likelihood of imminent effect. if humans repeat a dangerous behaviour to no immediate adverse effect the brain learns that it is risk-worthy and safer with each successful attempt."

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LOL, yes I liked the Ferrari one too.If you want to wind up the readers, say something anti-UKIP or pro-Labour.


Apparently so- I have a Chinese colleague and she says smoking is very common in the Chinese community (as is gambling).

Like the Ferrari story! :D


Yes, the Chinese are big on it. I think it is Indonesia where even toddlers smoke as advertising is on every street corner.

According to the film 'Thank you for smoking' it is mostly RAVs who smoke (Russians, Arabs and Villains)!


Oh my god that video is horrific!!


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