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My cravings were so intense, I nearly gave in, but I didn't!

Hiya... Tomorrow will be the end of my second week of no smoking.... I've been ok until the last couple of days... I've been so crabby with my family, so stressy, I've nearly caved in.. I've been sat in my car after upsetting my daughter, I've been sat at my desk getting so uptight... Where I've now had my gal bladder removed, my appetite has come back and I've been indulging in all the food I was unable to eat before.... Feels like I replacing one thing for another. It's just frustrating I can't do any exercise, even swimming for another two weeks.... Cause of my op I had. Tomorrow I've booked myself in though for a well being meditation morning at the community centre. So I will use this opportunity to help me stay focused.

The one good thing I did today was to treat myself to a haircut, and I've been helping a young homeless guy get fed, clothed and hopefully find links for him to get housed. End of the day we are so lucky, and I have a roof, job, car, two amazing teenagers. Really I should think of the positives in my life. As I write this I've just got stressy at my daughter, great another craving!!

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Hi miki, so glad you have not given in to the cravings; and to be at the end of the second week is great. Just look forward to 2 weeks time now where you can start doing the exercise that you would like. Im going indoor skydiving this weekend.

Like you say you have so many good things going on, and not smoking is definitely a good thing to be doing. Cheers to a forward looking quit


Yes thank you so much, ure so right. My craving has subsided again! It's like I'm bipolar at the moment ha ha. Just feel bad that I am not channeling my stress very well, but I know I'm doing right by doing some changes. Tomo I will be focusing on this meditation, relaxation group. I know from when I quit last time, I used exercise and CBT therapy to help with my well being. It just feels so intense, but I read other peoples first time stopping and we all feel the same. So night all, tomo is my last day of week two, will report on how my group goes, and I have my stop smoking group too tomo... Thank you for all ure positive support. I hope to repay back with the same too.


Well done Miki

The well being clinic should help and it looks like you have your plans all mapped out so well done you as I think if you carry on and take 1 day at a time you will do this. I am have also had some anger issues which I try and combat by leaving the room whilst taking deep breaths, it does work. Try and get lots of sleep too x


Morning Miki,

I really can't add to Karen's lovely post (and all the other sound advice you have had) so I will content myself in sending a large, virtual hug your way, along with my best wishes for a better day today. I hope the meditation session helps and I am sure attending your smoking cessation group will also give you a well-earned boost. :)

You're doing SO well and deserve nothing but praise. Whenever you feel cranky you just come on here & let rip. We've all done it! ;)


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