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Last day in month 2

I stopped smoking on November 24 th, so tomorrow I enter month 3! I'm happy to say that it's less of a battle now. This time last month was a proper struggle and it seems to go on for weeks! Last Sunday, I walked past a group of smokers and, for the first time ever, the smell made me feel sick. This never happened during my previous attempts. Now, whenever I think a smoke would be nice, I just remember that feeling. It's all good just now!

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Evening Betty :)

Well done you! That's flipping fantastic, it really is. Just think- this time next month you'll be 1/4 of the way to the Penthouse! Those horrid early weeks when everything feels pants are well and truly behind you now and just look at how that view is expanding as you climb higher! :D

Good on you girl, and may your stay in the Month 3 room be a very happy one.


How right you are, you are doing amazing, just keep going!

Ps, I do hope your proud, doing fantastic


Thank you for your kind words. I met up with an old friend yesterday and we went to the pub - my first time since I became a non-smoker. She still smokes and I thought it would be hard but I stuck on my determined hat and, do you know what? It wasn't hard at all. Even when I had had a few. I'm chuffed to bits.


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