Movin on up now, Gettin out of the darkness

That's it I'm heading into week two. Want to say a big thanks to all that have supported me and big up to those that are moving through after me. The difference in how I feel from day 4 to day 7 has been enormous. I'm taking it one day at a time and this forum has helped me stay motivated and focused. It's still very early in my quit but week 1 is down.

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  • There is indeed something quite wonderful , when you take a quick glimpse in the mirror and a pinch of your skin, and then you realise , that it is you, who is quitting, something quite magic about that isn't there?

    First week done, that's fantastic, just keep going, massive congratulations from me. Well done you

  • Well done mate. I'm on my 3rd day now and am struggling. Keep trying to reason that 1 fag won't hurt. But I know it will. Also keep thinking I can just smoke 2-3 a day and stay that way

  • Huge well done

  • Fantastic LBP! :):):)

    Welcome to the Week Two room and may your second week fly by.

    You're doing wonderfully well! :D

  • Nice one, I am also taking Champix I'm in week four of Champix and day 10 of being smoke free it feels good and very easy by comparison to earlier failed attempts using NRT's however the Champix makes me feel a little crap at times I can honestly say I haven't felt 100% well since taking the first tablet but it's a small price to pay if it helps beet old nik.

  • Hey Bubba, ive thought the same thing in the past and it never worked out well for me. I don't have the self control to have just a couple a day and soon find myself 2 years down the road smoking like a chimney and praying I haven't triggered some nasty life threatening illness. After today you will have no nicotine in you it's worth fighting through it really is

  • Well done on your first week. Enjoy your stay in the week 2 room.

  • week 2 on Champix starts tomorrow - all cigs and ash trays gone....managed to get over sicky feeling in the morning by eating loads of toast about 20 minutes before taking the tabs. Hopefully this will be okay when the dosage doubles tomorrow - saw someone's post about terrific wind and now know what they mean. (I thought they were kidding). Mentioned to my support, he says never been told about that one. Very determined to achieve a cleaner lifestyle and get fit at the same time. Big challenge now ahead. If you guys can do it then so can I.

  • Hey nice 1 Bourg, I could power a small turbine with my wind!! I have the same motivation as you cleaner and fitter. Watch out for days 3&4 you'll feel pretty pants but after that it gets better. Stick around and keep us posted fella

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