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The going got tough

But not too tough

So here I am again, flew through 1st month and the wham I am hit with anxiety attacks that are off the scale and so scarey. Sleep started playing up and by the weekend went bad bad bad, anxiety was grumbling away and I thought I could handle it but boy I was wrong. I was so bad yesterday that if fags would have mended me I would have smoked 100 but I knew they wouldnt ease the anxiety. I walked, did relaxation on and off all day, kept busy and kept telling myself all was calm (yes I was that bad). I made a pact with myself that if it hadnt eased by this morning I would smoke and see the GP.

This morning I feel calmer, thankfully.

This all coincided with my monthlys (sorry guys) but very powerful stuff

This girl is not smoking x

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Gerti, you're a star :D

There'll be many quitters having a bad day who will read your post and be inspired by it. I remember when I was at a similar stage to you, wanting to hibernate for at least 6 months until it was all over but as you have already (with great determination and grit) realised, you will (and do) come out the other side of those days and when you do you don't half feel proud of yourself. :)

I think a treat and some self-indulgence is called upon today.


Well done Gerti, you can and will do this x


Your made of strong stuff my friend, you did not cave, when you could easily have, very well done, just keep going, happy times ahead I,m sure.

Congratulations from me


Well done Gerti! Those side effects really can give us a run for our money but do remember they pass. Hang on in's worth it. Anxiety has to be the worst but you will come out the other side xxx


Well done Gerti. So pleased you feel a bit better today.


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