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One year quit today

One year quit for me today. Gone pretty quick really - especially the last three months.

For me the 'magic bullet' was giving up booze for the first six months of my quit. Before doing that I was trapped in a cycle of give up for a few days / weeks, then out for a few beers, crafty snout, game over.

I feel a lot better physically and I've really noticed the difference financially. I had a ten day holiday in Dubai that was paid for by money that I didn't spend on fags!!!

For years I wondered whether I would ever be able to quit but if I can, anyone can!! For anyone struggling in the early stages of your quit - just grit your teeth and hang in there, it does get easier!

All the best fellow quitters.


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Jim, how totally wonderful and how marvellous to see you again! :D:D:D:D:D

I do admire members like you, who just quietly get on with it and suddenly appear at the Penthouse door with 12 months under their belts. That really is one fantastic achievement and you truly deserve your place in the Hallowed Halls. You really did wrestle those piranhas to the floor didn't you? :)

Many, many congratulations from me and a big WELCOME to the Penthouse.


Great stuff Jim

Sounds like there is life after fags after all, good for you and thanks for the advice.

I've been packing in for 20 years or so now, just never quite got round to it and felt I couldn't live without cigs. Posts like yours help to make you realise its all possible


A very big well done to you !


Well done Jim, make sure you celebrate such a fantastic achievement :cool:


Many congratulations. Enjoy the Penthouse.


Just popping in to say a maaaaahooosive congratulation, just fantastic


A holiday in dubai? Now that is a reason to quit if ever we needed one!


...I wondered whether I would ever be able to quit but if I can, anyone can!!...

Yep, every long term quitter says that - because it's true, anyone can stop smoking!! - so if you're a newbie, ask yourself - what's stopping you??


That must feel great. Congrats:D


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