No Smoking Day
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Day 31

Hello everyone I have just arrived, I hope there are lots of parties planned in this room as I need some excitement

Still pinching myself that I have beat last years try of 23 days, go me

Not really craving which is good

After getting over the initial hurdles I had a fair few good days and seemed to have broke the back of it. Trouble with me is that I want results NOW and that is not how it works. The last few days have seemed like a mini struggle in some ways, not anywhere like the beginning but non the less they are still tiresome. Mind games for me are what its all about and that's soooo where my own battle ls. Yesterday saw some minor setbacks in my day, internet down, internet banking suspended due to virus and a few other bits and I was starting to blow it out of all proportion so I sat myself down, had a cuppa and decided to go out for some retail therapy and a late lunch, it did the trick. My sleep has started to play up slightly over the last few days but I have something else going on that would cause my sleep to play up so no worries there as it will settle down again by next week at the latest. No excuses in this woman's house no more


It would really be time to drop down on my patch strength if I was doing things the same as I have always done but I think I would be a fool to do that right now so will wait another week or so and then I aim to start snipping them down in order to reduce to the next strength. I feel sometimes we try and do too many things at once and it can sort of sabotage our quits. I know I have lost to this sort of sabotage before and I have learnt from it. Others may view this and think that I am relying to much on the patches but I am not and it really is true that what works for one person doesn't always work for another, This is my own quit and I aim to stay on patches till at the very least the end of March or even longer if I feel the need. I don't want to go through the SAD season fighting 2 battles, 1 is hard enough for little old me and 1 at a time thank you very much.

Keeping busy

I have so much to do in a day so keeping busy isn't a problem but I am going to buy myself a handheld gaming thingy and play Mario

Yesterday I found a jar of sour apple sweets in TK Max, oh they rock I can tell you

Watched a diet programme last night and found it very interesting with regard to how group support can help us overcome emotional yearning and I would agree 100%

So pleased to be here x

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Keep at it Gerti, you're playing a blinder xx


Gerti, getting the first month done & dusted is so significant. For me, it was the point when I really believed I truly had it in me to succeed in nailing the blighter and I hope it will be the same for you- it certainly sounds that way. :D

And may I say there are few ills that some retail therapy can't cure...:)


Many thank yousss x


Gerti, many congratulations, I am so pleased for you.


This is so lovely to read, I to used the patch method, it's not a race, it is indeed long haul, your plan looks good, I did chop the corners of my patch be for I dropped to a lower level, it helped me, no rules just quite lines, doing so very well just keep going.

Brilliant well done you


Thanks girls and its your tip on the patch snippingTracey that gave me the idea to give it a go. My quit started 2 weeks before xmas and It wasnt planned. Had I planned my quit I would have chosen to quit end of March time in order to avoid quitting in the 1st 3 months of the year but I woke up one day and decided otherwise. xx


Nice One Gerti!!!!!

We'll both be knocking on the Penthouse doors before we know it!

In the meantime let's just enjoy the party in here for the rest of the month. Can never go wrong with partying in these rooms, I'll tell ya!


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