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18 months

It's been about a year since I regularly referred to this forum and I must admit that I haven't been here at all since my last post in April last year when I reached the 9 months milestone.

I am now pleased (and proud) to say that last Thursday marked my milestone of 18 months without a cigarette and I feel that I can say with confidence that I am now smoke free. I no longer get any cravings for nicotine or any urges to smoke. I now benefit from a life that is free of the inconvenience and interruption of wanting to go outside for a cigarette whenever my mind wanted me to, as well as a healthier sleeping pattern and overall a much healthier lifestyle. Not to mention the money that I have saved from my 10 to 20 a day habit - which must be over £2,500 by now.

Like my post 9 months ago I have returned just to say that a major part of my success has been from reading this forum. Seeing people go through the same journey definitely made it easier for me, and in a strange way seeing people fall off of the wagon also helped make me more determined to stay on.

As well as this forum I strongly recommend reading the Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking book, which has some great ways of explaining the nicotine addiction and how to overcome it. When I quit on 8th July 2013 I decided that cold turkey was the best way for me and this book helped a lot with that.

To anyone who is reading this, whether you've been smoke free for longer than me or today is your first day without a cigarette, keep contributing to this invaluable forum because ultimately it is preventing people from smoking themselves to an early grave.

All the best and keep on trying.


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Wow, Icba, having the presence of mind to not need to announce your arrival at the Penthouse by yelling from the rooftops and jumping up & down like a crazy thing is pretty damn awesome in my view :). Many congratulations on your 18 months and thanks for stopping by to share it with us.


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