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day 45

I have been counting my lozenge intake since last wednesday, i take 7 a day, apart from saturday which was 6.

I am going to try and cut down to 6 each day this week, that is my target :-)

I went swimming yesterday and I really noticed that I was able to swim for longer without panting. Also I can hold my breath for longer- woop woop

*throwing glitter everywhere*

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Well done so far. It's good that you are noticing the physical benefits of giving up - it makes it that much easier to keep on going as you are more aware of how much you have to lose, and 45 days without a cigarette is an amazing achievement.


Throw that fairy dust around with abandon, Sparkle, because you've really deserved it :)

Here's to the next 45 days and a big Well Done from me on cutting back on the lozenges too. Slow & steady is the way to do it. :D


Nice one! You're so cheery too!


Well done, your sparkling


Great stuff!! You are doing so well x


Well done sparkles, I too have noticed the same benefit when swimming. Feels so good not being out of breath so quickly, I can't wait to swim again now


thanks guys! yep Im really looking forward to my next swim too :D

Imma be like dory, built for speed! what ocean not big enough for you? ha i love finding nemo :D

keep on swimming swim swim swimming


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