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Happy New Year

Hi all, just checking in as it's been a while. 1 year and 23 weeks smoke free, had my first holiday in November as a non smoker my god it was strange for the first time in a very very long time I found myself thinking of fags as I felt something was missing! Still some times go outside with friends when they smoke so I can smell it, I find it comforting. I'm still very funny with smells since i stopped smoking, I have become sickly at some smells. The strangest I have been to a party recently and they had a fire outside, I popped out and my god I could have cried couldn't stand the smell of smoke on my hair or clothes, even if something burns like toast I can not stand it.

Hope your all doing well, any new starting today keep going its hard nothing is easy but it's so worth it, I have saved £3800, obviously I have spent it on things one paying for my holiday, new bed last year etc but it all adds up.

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Best wishes from me for a Very Happy 2015 Angela and thanks for dropping by :)

With all that money saved I think you should definitely treat yourself to another holiday this year....;)


Congratulations Angela. I am so enjoying reading the post from the people who are popping back onto to the forum. Reading the success stories is a great motivation for me.


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