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Weaning of patch, here's my story , just might help

Oh well my chosen method patch, as at least it took away the hand to mouth habit , good for me.

Here goes, all going well on the highest dose, but I know my goal would have to be totally free from nicotine so for me the drop would have been to much for me, game plan I would chop the corners off for two or three week prior to dropping down, all was going well, the day came next step down, did I notice the drop from memory's don't think I really noticed, WOW did I feel a little impressed with my self I was in control. Again I knew would have to drop to the next level, and I did the identical, just chopped off the corners for a few week, then started to take off earlier each night, by which point I could hardly see my patch was so tiny. The day came lozenge in my bag off to work, I did my first full day nicotine free, the did indeed feel fantastic, I was in controll, and yes I had a little glass of wine, to celebrate the fact that I had achieved my goal.

So I guess it took longer than the recommended 12 weeks, but it's a guide not a rule, so do what feels right for you. It's not a race, but a long term goal.

But with a huge help from the forum fantastic.

Hope it helps someone

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Well done you and thanks so much for that post as it will help me when I drop down xx


We all choose different approaches to our quits , but so great we all have the same long term goal


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