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Why I'm Chosing Freedom!

In all my attempts to get free I don't think I've ever sat and put down all the reasons why I want to stop smoking so here goes.....

1) I lost both my parents to smoking related illnesses, my father when I was 19 and my mother in 2013. I'm 30 years old and feel very angry that they are not stlll here. I do not want to do the same to my nearly 3 year old son.

2) It is affecting my health. I'm fed up of waking up each morning feeling like i've a constant head cold and the cough, well its starting to get worse and its scaring me. I get out of breath way to easy.

3) I'm tried of being controlled by the little monster and hate how I put it before everything else for example when my son asks me to play with him and I say mammy needs a smoke first. Also how I have to have my 'fix' before I do anything in the morning including getting my son his breakfast (shameful).

4) I hate the smell. Anytime I have quit and smelt other smokers, it truely is revolting. I smell like that, yuck.

5) It is so antisocial. I'm fed up feeling like the leaper standing out in the cold all to get a fix of my drug.

6) It makes live more stressful, fed up with thoughts do I have enough to do me. How will i purchase more when i'm out at lunchtime with my bro in law without getting the lecture from him.

7) I want to get freedom from the guilt and the shame that something has a hold over me and I'm killing myself. How can I be so stupid when i've witnessed first hand the damage it can do.

8) I want to spend my hard earned money wisey rather than spending it on a poision which will kill me.

9) I want to be free of that voice in my head that tells me, you need this to survive and get through life. We werent born with cigs in our mouths.

I will probably add to this list going forward but for now I think this is enough to spur me into action.

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They are fabulous reasons to quit, so enjoying your posts, so positive, I do remember my little buddy ( grandson) who's nearly 3, looking at me like a alien, when I lit up, as he was not use to smokers.,

You are doing grand Just keep going Bit by bit. Great post


Nice one Mrs M! I should stick your list somewhere you can't avoid looking at it every day. Well done you on your resolve. I can feel your mind-set is well and truly in place this time...:)


Go Mash! Boards behind you ;)



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