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Day 27

Omg, still not smoking. Have come close to thinking stuff it I'm so miserable, everyone hates me, might as well smoke, but those feelings go.....eventually. This giving up business for me is no quick fix. I can get irritable and bad tempered. It is so unlike me, usually I'm too laid back. Christmas has been a shocker, I developed a huge migraine and remained in horizontal with a blanket over my head. Have resisted the call of the garage forecourt, and have been to the local ones pre warning them not to sell me cigarettes. Hopefully next week will be easier.

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Now how well you are doing, we do need to be just a tad selfish in our quits, so do what ever you need. Sweets, treats whatever ever just don't smoke, it's like the ocean a huge wave is approaching, we can run, but there will always be another , the alternative is to just ride it out, and the seas do become calmer.

You are doing such a grand job, nearly a whole month, fantastic , just go with the wave it will become calmer.

Just keep going


No matter what we say the fact is the early days are pants, Caroline, and all you can do is keep your head down, your teeth gritted and your loins girded (as it were :)). I know it seems impossible at the moment, but you WILL come through this and it honestly, truly, won't be long before the grim part will be far, far behind you. You've made it through your first smoke-free Christmas and how wonderful is that? What an achievement! A huge pat on the back and all the chocolate you can eat is called for I think (on the presumption your poor head is feeling better today).

Well done Caroline- you just hold on in there and you'll have parked your first full month in a day or two. Here's to a smoke-free 2015. :D


Just some of the effects of the first experiences of a quit in the early stages of a quit, yes they suck but yes they are normal and that suck's too but unfortunately all go through them, some not for long some for 12 months even longer, the one's that have these symptoms for 12 months seem to be harder although none are easy as those that have them for 12 months or so just when you have a great day thinking that they are finally done with they unexpectedly arise to bite you when you are off guard, hopefully you will only be a short termer but either way the moodiness/temper, anxiety/paranoia/everyone hates me, will come and go along with some getting the sleepless nights, mouth ulcers even depression, luckily these all subside with time, there is no set time based on the individual as none of us have a parallel quit and trust me, long symptoms or short those who have battled through it and got there (again there's no set date) will not have had it easy by a long way.

You are doing excellent in battling the early horribleness for the first 3 weeks, a bit like people on here had to battle getting used to me for the first 3 weeks :D but you just keep going plus what a way to do your first 3 weeks, straight through the Christmas period like a boss ;)

Good luck, we are all here for support.


I can't add any more to the wise words already posted here but wanted to add my support. I remember all too well how I felt a month in. Somewhere along the way it will get better for you.

Congratulations though on your 27 days, almost a month (and also 27 of the hardest days) done.

Hope you are feeling better too.


Thank you all for your time and support x means so much to me, really does. I've read all your replies and hung on to every word. Very humbling that you give your time so freely...............feeling emotional.


Congratulations Caroline xx


Hi Caroline! Just keep hanging on in there girl! I too really struggled at the end of month one but I can promise you that it will get easier. I can't say when as everyone is different but one day I was practically on my knees dying for one and the next morning I was absolutely fine! I was so glad I didn't cave in! When the going gets bad just you hold on tight until it passes. It doesn't last forever xxx


Woohoo 27 DAYS!!!!!!!


Day 29 has been much easier, thank goodness. Thank you all for the encouragement. Didn't think I'd get a few days like that, was so low. World is looking better today :)


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