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Day 66


Back on the patches. I'm not psychologically ready just yet. Changing tact and instead of rushing everything I'm just going to go with the flow. It'll soon notch up I expect. Back to one day at a time but at least I've got my quit still firmly in my hands and that's the best place to be. Month 3 I do not like so going to ignore it as best I can. Enjoying a long, hot soak before I dive into that box of mint matchmakers! 😁 Hope everyone is feeling good this week 😀

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This is indeed a great way to look at your quit, of course no rush re the patch, I also choose that method, and did take it slowly, now solo, slow but sure.

I've read many a time on this forum the 3,s are the worst but how well your doing, I do hope your having at least a couple of treats.

Doing great, just keep pushing on, very well done you

Lv matchmakers mmmmmmm

.........gonna have to pop to shops and get some matchmakers :)

Oooh I do like the sound of those matchmakers! Did you enjoy them Dolores? And how are you today?

Good on you for having the strength to hold on in there in the face of extreme provocation. You've shown Nic a thing or two and can say without the shadow of a doubt that you've won that bout. :)

Yeah I know I'm feeling on top of the world now but boy can he wear you down!!! A slam dunk for sure! I ate so many matchmakers I was almost sick 😳 will teach me not to stuff so many in. Went to the dentist today for a little treat...something I always wanted done but could never justified it while I was smoking. Got all my horrible Mercury fillings out and lovely white ones put in. Can't stop smiling 😁

Hi Dolores, you are doing so blooming well :) Need you to stick with me fellow Stobtoberite xx

I went to the dentist for the first time in years last month and have finally got my teeth sorted. I kept putting it off and off when I smoked after a couple of condescending comments from my previous dentist. I can't stop smiling at folk either :)

I'm with you Malvin and you won't get rid of me 😁😁 we will rock this until the end!!

Thank you Karri x

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