Diet has started!


Soooo three months ago I was overweight and a heavy smoker! Ditched the fags ( and put on even more weight) and now it's time to ditch the fat! Still allowing myself plenty treats but I need to get into a habit of snacking healthier!

So far so good! Joined slimming world and I am 11 and a half pounds lighter, Delighted:) still a ways to go though but all in good time:)

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  • Way hey, how well you are doing, fantastic, great news

  • Congratulations all round Laura - the 3 months completed, the diet & your amazingly positive approach to everything.

  • Thanks guys:)

    On a mission so I am lol! X

  • Oh I so enjoy, when people pita with great news, I do hope you are celebrating your success in style, a massive well done, fantastic

  • A huge well done from me too Laura- that's one mighty achievement :D

    Isn't it a lovely feeling to reinvent yourself? :) A whole new wardrobe beckons too....

  • Well done Laura xx

  • Thanks guys! Still a way to go but yep I'll enjoy sprucing up my wardrobe while I get there lol! :)

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