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Month 2 DONE!!

Hi all, well as I enter month 3, I feel great. No smokes in 60D 13H and 58S

The only bad point is that I have contracted man flu 3 days before I go to Florida. And this time around I have the most awful sore throat. I haven't had one in years (probably due to smoking) but my word it hurts.....anyway just thought id check in. Happy Christmas to you all and I will speak to you all in the new

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Hi Lloyd,

Congratulations mate on your continued quit. Sorry about the flu, and hope you get over it before having a great time in Florida.

All the best to you and yours too :)


Congratulations on your two months Lloyd- that's fantastic! Well done you. :)

May your poor throat feel better very soon. I'm sure the Florida climate will help. Down a few Whiskey Macs at the airport. It can't hurt....

Have a lovely Christmas Lloyd and a very happy (and smoke-free) 2015.



Never worry about your man flu! Congrats on entering month 3 X


Thanks guys.....dried up a touch today thank god


Hello Lloyd, mighty well you are doing, I do hope you much improved prior to holidays, great news not stopping for a smoke every 30 mind or so.

Get well soon and enjoy your Florida.

Doing a Stirling job


Congratulations on completing month 2. Hope you have a fantastic holiday and that you feel better soon.


Good job Lloydyd, keep on keeping on


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