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Just a wee update!


Hello hello:)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Haven't been on the site as often as I used to be or as much as id like, apologies!

Everything's going good in lauraland! Still smoke free, still having 'moments' wouldn't call it a crave, more of a reminder! Getting there slowly but surely! Although there are some days where I can feel especially 'cravey', kind of an anxious/ on edge feeling! Just riding through those days. I feel I'm at an advantage now I have a wee bit of time under my belt to get through them though, so I know what helps me and what doesn't!

I am positive this is the one for me:) this is officially the longest I have ever stayed smoke free! And i intend on keeping it that way!

Approaching 12 weeks and I'm chuffing delighted! A tad nervous about the festive season approaching and temptation but I'll cross that bridge when it comes!

Hope everyone is well:)

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Hello Laura :)

It's lovely to see you and my, aren't you doing well! Three months done already- if you don't make the Penthouse in fine style I shall be most surprised.

Don't worry too much about Christmas. I've found that it's often the times we think will be difficult that are heaps easier than we expected- possibly because we've already planned a strategy and dealt with them psychologically before they happen. It's those unexpected curved balls that are the worst.

I'm with Karri in expecting you will be celebrating a smoke free 2015. :D

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