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Day 5

I beleive it was Aug, my last attempt to quit, and it didnt go to well. And i had the bright idea to quit last Thursday, on the first snow storm of the year. Was an awful drive into down town to get to work, but in the end, it was a good challenge sitting in the car for an hour and a half in terrible traffic. i didnt cave, which I really wanted to! anyways, I am on day 5 now, and its going pretty well I must say. I was irrationally angry and irritated a couple times this weekend, but thankfully I was around patient people who understood i was not in my right mind lol!!

feeling strong!


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Welcome back Kat :D

Where are you based? I forget. Presumably in the US somewhere? I saw the news reports about some of the heavy snow falls. Hope your roof didn't collapse or anything?

Well done for getting back in the saddle. Five days is brilliant and a bit of irrational anger is more than justified. I'm sure your friends and family will cut you some slack and I bet they're dead proud of you. :)

Another good thing is that as you've quit in the autumn rather than the summer this time, you're less likely to want to slip ouside for a crafty one (especially in a snow storm ;)). May things continue to go well and do please post as often as you want- we'll all be here and no one will mind if you're angry or irritated I promise.


Yes they are all very patient. Thank god. And I'm based out of montreal, we didn't get very much snow, not even half as bad as New York, but the first one is always bad on the road. People adjusting to the weather and what not. And I agree, that it's much safer to quit now! There is no temptation to go sit on a terrace and have a smoke and a glass of wine in the lovely summer sun!


Hi Kat, well done on your 5 days and good luck with your quit. I hope the weather has improved for you. I saw some pictures in the newspapers here (I'm in the UK) of the snow in the US.


Hi Kat, well done on 5 days and good luck :)


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