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I'm still here :)

Hi people,

Probably you don't remember me as I've only posted couple of times in the first days but i'm still here still strong (and lucky) and yesterday I've completed 3 months without a single ciggie, cold turkey. I just wanted to tell you that you're doing such a good job supporting people getting through this stupid phase.

Hope everybody's alright. Wish you the best people. See you in the next chapters of this adventurous journey (Year 1 section hopefully)

Best wishes,


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Hi Max,

Thanks for the tip mate, noted and much appreciated.




Well Done That Man!

That's a fantastic achievement Theo- 1/4 of a year already under your belt. How wonderful is that? :D

Thanks for returning to share your success with us. Do stick around for a bit now you're here again.


Well done Theo, you are doing great :D


Hi theo, I do indeed remember you :) thanks for dropping by congrats on your 3 months and keep in touch won't you? :) xx


This is very good well done :_)


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Massive well done theo:) keep going! :D


Just wanted to add my congratulations, WOW 3 months, brilliant.

Nice of you to pop in and share your success .


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