No Smoking Day
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Well lost my voice'!!!!

Now being referred to another consultant also my uncle passed away yesterday. I cannot believe how c..p life is at times.

Still quit with no desire to smoke, so that's good.

Happy smoke free days to you all.

Yet again will be back on the forum, as and when I know what's happening with my throat.

All quitters just keep going. :)

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Oh Tracey, there's no end to it is there? You poor girl...

I hope your voice returns very soon. Perhaps you've come out in sympathy with Tea and her Ancient Greek monster? ;)

Many virtual hugs from me. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Was it expected?

Well done- as always- for not losing the grip on your quit despite everything.


Update on the voice situation please Tracey please, hope all's well. :)


Seconded. Where are you Tracey? All OK I hope...:)


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