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Last night.....


My first night out since I quit. At the start of the night I was massively jealous of the people stood out having a cigarette. I went to join the smoking group later on after I had a few too many. Remember it vividly....

I woke up this morning feeling so ill and swore that never again would I feel the need to join them. A hangover is bad enough without remembering how awful it was. Just to confirm I did not smoke! Just the smell was enough to make me turn away and walk back inside. I'm still feeling queasy remembering it. Into week 5 now :Du

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Well done Dolores, first night out is a massive hurdle overcome keep it up x

Props, D.

Well done indeed.

S xx

Hope you had a great night and well done for not smoking.

That's one small step for a woman but one giant leap for a quitter :D

Well done Dolores! It'll never be so difficult again and you know now that you're missing nothing. I bet your smoking friends all envy you even if they may not say so. Perhaps you'll inspire a few of them to follow your example? :)

its a real acievment when you find yourself in one of those typical smoking situations and then don't do it. another step away from the prison and a step nearer freedom.

m x

ps i did it myself last weekend. it felt a bit like playing with a dangerous animal tho.

Thanks guys! I really couldn't imagine doing it without the encouragement and support from everyone on this forum :)

I hadn't realised how many people DON'T smoke but after a few bevvies the social smokers come out of the woodwork too. I had a fab night but even better when I did wander out there to see what I was missing...I wasn't missing a thing but had gained so much. I definetely feel a little change happening. I'm not sure what it is but I know I feel happier, proud and got this feeling that I am going to make it to the penthouse. Everyone said it would get easier but you never believe it will. I'm sure there will be plenty more bad days but I do hope that I'm through the very worst and if not I will keep hanging in there. Bring on the next 2 months! :)

Well done Dol and Im glad u are finding it easier x

Thanks Debbie. Hope it stays that way x

Well done on making it though the night and glad it is starting to become easier for you xxx

Thank you TG xxx

Well done D. I am just behind you creeping into month 2 :D

Well done D. I am just behind you creeping into month 2 :D

Good for you mate! Keep it going :D

Well done Delores, nights out are so hard (though it does help if it's raining hard and cold). 5 weeks is really good going :):)

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