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Day 67.....say what????

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, I have been going through tons of life changes these last two months. I lost my home, had to move 1500 miles and try to start over etc. and my BF and I are in all likelihood calling it quits after 6 years.

Thankfully I was able to find a great new position in the beginning of October so I am now in the process of rebuilding and trying to find a new way forward. I realize I have not been here much lately to support all the new quitters and also those who have been here and never wavered in their support of me. That I really feel bad about so I just want to say sorry to everyone all at once.

The good news is that for the first time in my quest to be a non smoker, I am actually doing it. Through out everything I have remained resolute in my decision that this has to be MY time to do this. I have failed so many times in the past that my credibility here was definitely lacking. I can understand this and yet so many of you didn't give up on me!!!

This post is not only to pat myself on the back for achieving 67 wonderful smoke free days BUT also to thank all of you for your unfailing support even when I haven't been able to give much back.

You all are the absolute best and I just luv the hell outta all of you!!!

For the new folks, I would say please do this for yourself and never, never, never believe that you can't give up smoking because you can. I am the proof. :p

One minute, one hour, one day and soon everything begins to ease up just a bit. Little by little the change does happen.

Thank you all for helping me to achieve these 67 days..... now let's just keep on going shall we ;)

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Hi Sherri,

Left a message on your visitor page before I saw this. I'm sorry your relationship has broken down. It's sometimes the way, isn't it, that one major life change leads to others (and a realisation that some things have run their course).

You're doing fantastically well to hold onto your quit despite the external pressures. Indeed, it sounds like you're not only holding onto it but steaming ahead- fantastic! :D

You take care of yourself and don't worry about anyone thinking your're not there for others. This is the time for you and we shall still be here whenever you have a chance to drop in. :)


Go Sherri.... Go Sherri.... Go Sherri..... :) you are soooo going to do it this time hun, well done to you for getting this far xx


Hi, now your doing so very well, and the fact that life is changing in another directions for you, just goes to show the strength you have in this quit.

Please just pop on here as and when you want, we all have situations at times where we just cannot, be there all the time as life throws us out of kilt sometimes.

That's why the forum is so very unique, we come and go as we need.

Very very well done, I hope you life takes a upturn soon you deserve it to


Hello Everyone (waving furiously) :)

A huge thank you to all of you for really making my day today. :o

I'm going to keep carrying on no matter what comes but it really helps to know that you are all out there and willing to help. The next couple of months will be a test of wills I know and I hope I am up to the task. Absolutely terrified of the future if I am honest but I know I can at least come here when I think I can't manage things.

I have no intention of going Awol. I just may not be able to log on as much as I would like. I will do my best.

What an amazing group of people you all are, I feel blessed and privileged to know each of you in some small but special ways!!

Thank you ..:o


Well done on the quit Sherri especially going through some times as well, you keep going :)

Here's a song for you, I'll put the video up as if you say Sherry to some of the people on here especially the women they'll automatically think booze lol



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