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almost into month 2!!!


Wow that feels good! I can't wait to get out of this room! Feeling a lot stronger than of late. Mr Nic has got a little pattern of when he comes to intrude...I've worked it out so I'm ready for him every evening and he soon clears off pretty quick now. My mood seems to have massively lifted so really happy about that and for the first time I can see that far distant light beckoning me closer. Day 1 seems a million miles away and Im not going back there ever again.

Ok now on to some weird (or maybe not) symptoms I've been having and not quite sure if these are down to the quit or not. Thought I'd check in and see if anyone else has felt the same.

1. I feel tipsy but haven't touched a drop! It's like a slightly dizzy, spaced out, air headed feeling. I've heard of the dizziness in the first week but at 4 weeks?

2. Extreme headache and facial pain (sinus problems I suspect) but it only happens at night and had a nosebleed today because of it. I don't feel bunged up at all. Is that maybe the toxins irritating the sinuses? Just a guess?

3. Muscular pain, chest pain below ribs and a bit of backache

4. Indigestion and very weird sounds coming from within my abdomen

I'm not bothered much by any of these really and if it's part of the quit then fantastic. Just a little anxious as they all started much the same time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and keeping smoke free!!! :):)

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Hi Dolores,

Had them all except the sinus pain/nose bleed (mind you, I did get cold after cold for the first 5 months or so). I found that all those symptoms gradually wore off as time passed but it certainly took around 6 weeks or so from what I can recall until they had really diminished.

I think it does vary a great deal from quitter to quitter but it all sounds pretty normal to me. :)

Nearly at the start of Month 2! That's fantastic- it seems only moments ago that you were starting Day 1 but I bet it feels like a million years ago too doesn't it? I'm so glad you're beginning to feel less strung out.

May your second month be a splendid one and may you have a fantastic weekend- you deserve it! :D

Yes thinking back I did , have many of those symptoms. Indeed I believe it's such a shock for our body, when we quit, it's bond to start repairing itself.

So very pleased to see you going strong with your quit, just jeep going, reading and posting.

All seems quite normal to me, am sure it will settle:)

Thank you so much! Was getting a little bit worried there. The only thing is annoying me more than anything is the back and chest pain I suppose and what feels like a burn up the windpipe. Tried a bath, hot water bottle but to no avail. Good excuse for a massage later on ;) I don't feel stressed but I guess my body is. I know it will settle soon though :)

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