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November is the best month to quit!


Ok first of all, let me just say quitting at any time of the year is fantastic.

But for all new quitters, here is why for me November is the best time to quit:-

1) it's cold dark and miserable. So no idyllic beer garden in the height of summer with a drink and cig. Instead shivering outside a pub! Not good

2) you are close to your biggest test, namely Christmas and New Years. Why is that a good thing?? Because if you stick to your quit, you will have six weeks under your belt when you hit what will probably be your biggest test. And if you get through the festive season smoke free, you have just ticked off your biggest challenge which is a major personal boost and milestone. You beat that, you can beat anything!

3) 1st of jan is not that far away and you get to say "I quit last year". Also you hit 2015 with a lengthy quit under your belt which would be bad to lose!

Quitting is the best thing you will ever do. It's tough at the beginning, but please keep going, post on this forum as this site is amazing and never go back to that vile habit!!!

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What a great post, especially welcome as I'm 35 days into my quit & have found the past few days really hard.

Fab post Woody, I'm expecting Christmas to be a bit difficult as lots of family smoke but as you pointed out, I can stay in the warm while they shiver outside smoking :):)

Nice one Woody :D

And as an early December quitter (and proud member of the Nov/Dec 2013 quitters social group) I can certainly vouch for the truth of it.

Very much looking forward to my second smoke-free Christmas :)

Great post thanks Woody!

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