Hello everyone! It's been a while;)

It's been a bit of rough few weeks! Lots of downers and stressy things happening that I shall not bore you with! Onwards and upwards as they say!

Soooo during this god awful time I have been majorly 'cravey'!!

Not just fleeting thoughts of 'I want a fag' but really bad long lasting horrible craves that I experienced early on! It sucks, badly, (enter pity party here) today has been a bit more manageable! I have come to realise that smoking was a big thing to me when I was stressed! It was my outlet, that thing I do to make everything ok! But I have continually woke up each morning and promised myself I wouldn't do it, and I'm a stubborn cow so I havent:p

Going with the motions and it's working well! Smoking is not an option! I know I don't want to smoke! So I will stick to my vow and never take another puff of that dirty, stinky little things!

Hope everyone is well! And moving along in their quit journeys nicely!

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  • Awww glad your still around quit buddy ;) we are in it for the long haul so we may as well suck it up :D I had a bad couple of days recently too so maybe it's just the time in our quit xx

  • Hi Laura, well done for not giving in to cravings. You are over two months now so I hope they get easier for you. I think lots of people used smoking as a crutch for stress, when you look back it wasn't and probably caused more stress than it helped (Airport 3+hours without a fag anyone?).

    You sound very positive which is always a good thing. :):)

  • Fanks guys:)

    Party was sorted a while ago tea! thank goodness! We're having a 'frozen theme' :D

    Working on those lungs still so I can hit the high note when I creep the kids out with my rendition of 'let it go' :cool:

    Today is much better! It's still lingering though! Stalker craves:eek:

    not giving in! Just wandering if it's because I'm heading towards ' that time of the quit' lol! Month three is a biggy for me! Never got past it but this time I'm so positive I'll smash it:D I want this too much now:) xxx

  • Laura, so glad you've managed to hold on in there despite the external stresses. That speals wonders for your committment and dedication so well done you! :D

    And nearly two months done and dusted. That's flipping fantastic. :)

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