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Mood swings

Is it normal for mood swings to be so intense after 3 weeks? I think they have just hit a peak! I've never been so emotionally unstable in all my life and a complete mess. I've shouted at everyone and feel terrible. I even had what felt like a 2 year old tantrum coming on. Feel like everyone hates me and I've changed since I've given up. Want to feel like me again :(

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I didn't feel like 'me' at all for a while and I found it must unpleasant. However, you really do come out the other side of it in time. With me, it gradually wore off after the first month or so and by the end of the second month I was fine again.

Hope you come through it soon Dolores. I'm sure your family & friends will be understanding and cut you some slack, and when it gets too much just come on here and rant to us (we've all been there- honest! :))


Very normal I'm afraid. I felt so full of rage and anger it was frightening. I'm usually a mild mannered gentle soul but OMG I was like a she devil. When I wasn't being angry I was sad.:mad:

It passes and you do get back to being yourself it just takes time. Stick with it and have patience, it's horrible but the only thing a smoke will do is mean that you'll have to go through it all again.


Thanks for the replies everyone. Feel so much better knowing that other people experienced it too! I really thought that was week one stuff. Spent most of yesterday apologising for my outbursts. If it isn't a strong craving at the moment then it's anger. Makes me more determined to beat it but my god it gets hard sometimes! Onwards I go........


Oh dear , yes indeed at least you now know it's quite normal, but in dee so horrid, while you are going through this nasty time.

Good news ahead, it will pass, smoking is such a strong addiction, all sorts happens to us, when all of a sudden we just stop, so just hang tight stay strong, all will be well.

Your doing a Stirling job, well done you:)


Hi hun, Im one day behind you and yes thank god its not just me.

I was very close to actually killing someone on Saturday and I keep having the most awful swings....mainly down :(

Just got to keep going, but was very tempted to say Bol***ks to it and getting some smokes.....But the thought of starting again from the beginning and the realisation that even if I did smoke, it wouldn't do a thing for me or solve anything made me stop and re think....

Keep going D, we can do this ;)


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