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Stoptober's Over

Hi all

Stoptober's over! On Monday this week, I was really pleased with myself, didn't think about cigarettes at all, yesterday was a bit more difficult and today has to be one of the hardest days since 1st October. It can't be something as silly as stoptober's finished can it?

I decided as October has 31 days, I would not have succeeded at stoptober if I only made 28 days. And after that I'm doing "stopvember" if anybody wants to join me!!

And the cigarettes which have been lurking in my drawer at home are being given to somebody at work tomorrow.


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Well done Sally, brilliant achievement! As far as it being hard today/yesterday, there is no rhyme or reason why these days pop up BUT they become fewer and further between:)

Keep going and now you can look forward to Stopvember.

Once again I will say well done you:)


Hi Sally, maybe your right and it is a psychological thing but as Haze said there's days that are just plain rubbish no matter how far into the quit you are, onwards and upwards for stopvember, one month at a time :) x


It seems to be a phenomena most of the Stoptoberites are experiencing, Sally, so you're not alone.

I'm with Karen- it's time to embrace NO-vember and once you have two whole smoke-free months under your belt, you'll definitely want to continue all the way to the Penthouse. :)

Well done Sally! You should be extremely proud of what you have achieved so far and I shall be looking forward to sharing the next part of your journey with you. :D


Well done Sally, great idea to keep going and taking it one month at a time will help. Random bad days for no real reason do pop up on occasion. I hardly ever get them now. In fact I think the only time I really think about smoking is when drinking so it gets easier. :):)


Consider me in for Stopvember/November etc too please.

Just come back from my fortnightly meeting with the smoking cessation nurse and she high fived me after my CO2 reading of 2, for 2 fortnights on the trot.

Told her how good this place had been for me in stopping, so thanks again peeps :)


Lovely post Malvin :)

Many congratulations from me.


Thanks Skiddaw :)

Fancy a cuppa, I'm putting the kettle on?


Yes please :D

We have some rather nice biscuits here, that a client brought in for us. I'll stick a few of those on a plate. :)


<hastily looks round for the best silver>


Best silver?? :o

No, no, Malvin, no standing on ceremony please. A mug with a bit of a chip off the side will do quite nicely for the likes of me. :)


I think there are many times during a quit when you have to re focus your energies which is why I think this forum helps so much.

I lost a 6 week quit due to setting a goal that became concrete in my head. It went along the lines of: 'I am stoppping until the wedding (not mine a friends)' I did stop til then and promptly lit up on the day because my brain had switched to wanting it's reward. I have no idea why I gave myself this arbitary date. It was probably fear of never smoking again so I gave myself a get out clause. The craving was worse than day one and I gave in to it.:mad:

You are totally right it's because you did a deal and now your brain is screaming for its reward. The good news is that you've recognised it for what it is: just another nicotine trick/trap.

Good luck for NOvember.


Thanks for your replies everybody. Glad some of you are with me for stopvember/NOvember. I am so pleased I found this forum because it has helped me so much and the advice & support has made all the difference. Today's been a bit easier even though lots of little things keep going wrong.

This morning I gave away the cigarettes which have been lurking in a drawer for the past month so feel quite pleased I finally felt able to get rid of them!

Off work tomorrow so looking forward to going into town & getting myself a little present and also a little gift for my best friend as he's also helped get me through the past month without lighting up.


So glad you've rid yourself of the remaining packet Sally- I think there would have come a point when you would have lived to regret it if you had kept them.

I hope your day improves and that you have a lovely time chosing presents for yourself and your dear friend in town tomorrow. :)


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