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Day 46


Just wanted to pop in and say today has been a very good day, been mega busy and stressed in work but no craves AT ALL today not one! Came home to hubby cooking cottage pie for dinner there was a nice glass of Shiraz poured and a a bath ran for me, I'm sure I've said it before but in the words of Debbie's new employer " this isn't just a husband, this is an M&S husband" ;) he's a blinking diamond xx

P.s would like to say a massive thanks to those that helped me through those rubbish cravey days last week I feel so much better now and it honestly is thanks to the lovely people on this forum :) xx

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This is great Donna. You're doing really well and it definitely helps to have such a supportive partner.

Keep going. This is the one! :)

Hi Donna, so pleased to hear you are doing well and not craving. 46 days is fantastic, feel proud and treat yourself with what you have saved.

Your oh does sound like a diamond, it's lovely to be spoilt :):)

Aww, Donna, what a lovely post! :)

You deserve all sorts of good things after last week. You were SO strong and determined to fight your way out the other side and you did- fair play to you!

Your OH is a real gem isn't he? :D

He certainly is, I have turned a corner for sure, its very odd, it just happened without me thinking about it.... its liie I had to have a bad few days to appreciate and embrace the good days, long may it continue and get easier for all of us early quitters xxx

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