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soon to be day 9

Hey guys...

So I thought the last quit was gonna be the one but had some horrible dad died suddenly and it was the hardest thing for me and my boys.

I don't know why I started smoking again but it was the closest comfort I had at the time.

This time I have pretty much been forced to quit because of a financial hiccup and so I don't have the money for even one pack of fags.

So I went to the pharmacy and started on the patches and have the spray as well so I'm already on day 8 (will be day 9 soon). The first week has gone rather well probably from the fact that I don't have the money for fags but my boys are more important and their (and my) welfare comes first...Ive already noticed the benefits both financially and physically and will be booking a holiday for me and my boys at the end of the month so very excited about the future now :)

Good to be back

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Welcome back Phil :)

I do think that sometimes it's the quits forced upon us that prove to be the successful ones. You need to do it for you, of course, but doing it for the sake of your children (and your finances, which amounts to the same thing) is a damn good incentive to keeping you on track.

Nearly in double figures now- well done you! Keep posting and we'll all be here to help, encourage, advise and (hopefully) make you laugh too. :D


Thank you guys...its good to be back especially so soon after my last quit...todsy has been difficult so far but only because i forgot to put my patch on until now haha...d'oh!!!

Feeling good now though and its onwards and upwards from here...Im so happy that I'm into double figures now...i can't wait to be able to say I'm in triple figures but I'm jumping the gun a day at a time eh.


Well done so far! You can buddy up with me. Same quit date and method! Good luck :) we can do this


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