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1000 hours!

1000 hours smoke free! ( ok I'm 17 hours premature there but I'm not sure If I can make it into the forum tomorrow so I'll celebrate now)

Really the fact that I can celebrate now says it all! I'm absolutely positive I will make it through today, and tomorrow and the next. I've found myself not going by the day but more by the week. I used to have to count hours! And minutes in that desperate moments ( that's still there at times)

That being said I'm far from being out of the woods. This last week was a wobbly one. Silly little things and tiny wee stressors and I'm off in a sulk because I can't smoke! Boohoo:rolleyes: lol. It's not the stress that makes me want to smoke it's how I'm carrying that stress. I can take the most simplest problem and turn it into Mount Everest and therefore !!!! I have my excuse to smoke! Sad really that I want a fag because my kettle broke, therefore how am I going to get through the morning without tea and a smoke! I'm obviously going to have to smoke now! Silly ain't it? I'm on to you nicotine!

Chuffing delighted for getting this far. Positive I won't smoke. I just don't want too . The gaps are getting bigger where I'm noticing I haven't thought of smoking! I no longer think of smoking when I have dinner or when I go to bed , mornings are the worst still but I'm sure it's due to kids holidays so therefore not the usual routine. When I do get an urge is a long one that won't budge and frankly quite annoying! The sooner mr nic gets the hint that I shall not be swayed in my decision to quit the better I will be! Relentless little sod he is:p

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Fantastic Laura! :D

That's the ticket- keep telling Nic where to get off. You're quite right that he's pathetic. You're far bigger than him.

Those gaps will go on widening and the cravey moments become fewer and fewer the further along the road you get. I can tell that no obstacle is going to get in your way for long and all I can say is many congratulations on your 1000 hours. May the next 1000 hours pass as swiftly as a very swift thing. ;)

Have a lovely Sunday and do treat yourself to something nice wont you? :)


My phone app did it for me tea but let's pretend I didn't tell you that, I much prefer that I have a magic wand and am a mathematical genius wearing a Wonder Woman costume:D according to my calculations you do indeed have approx 150 hours until your very own 1000 hour milestone! :)


1000 hours

Hello Laura did a quick calc 1000 hours equates to almost 42 days very well done. It's great to hear that your growing in confidence and quitting is becoming less of a struggle. I too experienced that same feeling; sort of "hey I can do this" and actually began to enjoy being nicotine free. Very soon you'll be experiencing another pleasant moment when you can hear yourself saying " why did I smoke in the first place " So keep on doing what your doing and those days will tot up and hey presto your a non-smoker.

Michael a.k.a:- lefoy123 in Clydebank


1032 hours for me, it sounds astounding when you say it in hours doesn't it! Really well done Laura, rocky patches fought and won, happy days xx


You'll never guess what I found in Asda - they are selling Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Superwoman panties!!! Of course I thought of you!!! ����������

i have all of these! hahaha!! :D


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