YES Day 4!!!

Well there was a time yesterday that I didn't think id make it to this day but here I am...

Yesterday was the hardest day, so many triggers, so much stress, but I made it through and Im determined that today will be a better day. Im feeling much more positive (for as long as it lasts).

I wont tempt Fate and say bring it on, this time, but I will say, NOPE!!! :)

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  • Thanks all for the kind words.

    Hi Titch, indeed, not far at all....

    Re the Forum far so good.....Getting some cravings, but I know they are all in my head now and Im in control.....sort of

  • First three days are the worst, Lloyd, and you're more than half way through your first week. That's mighty!! :D

    You're off the starting blocks now and really picking up speed. Well done mate! :)

  • One day at a time, that's all anyone can do especially in the early stages.

    Well done for seeing it out :)

  • Nicely done Lloyd, crisis averted yesterday you saw it through, fairplay, keep it going bud x

  • Well done Lloyd :D

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