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Well I made it to day 3. So far so good. It was easier this morning on the road as I felt like id broken the chain. I did have a massive crave when I was in Tesco q-ing to pay for my croissant. Seeing all of the packets of Cigs and my norm would be to say "Ill have 20 M Lights please"......I got through by getting 4 Euro tickets for tonight's draw lol.....

Oh well, another day ahead, I wonder what my Nico monster will try next to get my attention...Come on Biatch (been watching too much breaking bad), do your worst!!!!

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That's the stuff Lloyd! Keep knocking those triggers down:)

Fingers and toes crossed for the euros! I imagine your next post to be from somewhere very warm while you lounge in the sun:D

Hope day 3 is a good un for you:D p.s breaking bad is awesome!

Well Done That Man! :D

Hang on in there Lloyd. As you say, every time you encounter (and beat) a trigger point (such as your journey to work, or standing in the queue at the shop) you'll never find as difficult to deal with a simillar trigger again.

Once you have parked Day Three all the nic should have left your system too and that will help. :)

Have a good day mate and keep doing what you're doing.

good work Lloyd, pleased for you, even now I struggle at the fag counter in supermarkets, keep it up mate x

Have to be honest. I am finding today a real struggle. Went to get lunch and I swear every single person on the street is smoking and it smells sooo good lol, Its odd as I thought it would stink but nope!

I keep taking long breaths to get through the many many cravings.....

Lloyd, I remember well how horrid it is during those first few days when life seems one permanent crave. All I can do is to promise you that it DOES pass. It may not be much comfort now but honestly & truly you'll start to come out the other side very soon now (and it'll be a week before you know where you are).

Just hold on because you're doing fantastically well and we're all behind you.

Just did that day yesterday and it was the worst!! Feeling completely different today. Keep going!!! I even tucked myself in bed early to get away from it. Please hang in there. You know how gross that cigarette is going to taste and you will regret it.

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