No Smoking Day
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Into week 6 :)

The dreaded mouth ulcers have returned! I get this every time! I was being very silly in thinking id escaped them. How dare they keep me awake at this ungodly hour:mad: the good news however is I'm never going through this again!:D I love food far too much and there's only so much of it you can suck through a straw:cool: armed with bonjela and salt water, but it's helping!

Anyhoo! Still going good in the non smoking department, it still amazes me that the odd stressy moment doesn't provoke the automatic thought of a smoke now and if it does it is just a wee passing thought that doesn't dare linger about:D

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It's just so horrible sometimes in the relatively early stages, but am liking your positivity, you show the Nasty ulcers where to go.

I hope to day is agood one , quit wise, and your ulcers are improving, these things all settle in time, it's just so unpleasant at the time.

Well done you,:)


It's fantastic! Starting to see the little glimmer of light after all the hard work!

As TG said no point going round in circles! I never really get ulcers, I currently have approx 6, and every time I drink I can feel another! the last time they went down the back of my thrroat, it was bloomin awful:eek:! Gonna have to try some salt water today me thinks!:cool:

Tea- your phone is onto something there:p


Hi Laura, have you tried gargling with soluble aspirin, it tastes disgusting but it really helps :p


Hi Laura, well done on moving into week 6, ulcers not a good side effect but at least hopefully it will put you off ever having to go through this again! well done hun,

p.s I loooove the taste of bonjela :D :D :D


Wow....the time really has flown past hasn't it?

Many, many congratulations on your six weeks Laura, and may your mouth ulcers soon be a permanent part of the past. :)


Thanks for all the wee tips:) they are helping so much!

Much better today although more have appeared, I can drink at least without my eyes watering! Urgh!

No tomato sauce for sure! Nearly cried at macdonalds tonight when I stole a chip from my daughter! Serves me right lol!


Very well done on 6 weeks and sorry to see you are suffering with ulcers, I hope they clear up soon x :)


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